Townsville Bulletin (Australien)- Online-Ausgabe unter vom 5.3.2010

Fixing our roads


WHAT a cracker of a thunderstorm over Magnetic Island on Wednesday night.

Just about shook the koalas out of the trees and the islanders out of their beds it was so loud and so close. And so much rain in a short time that the poor old roads took a battering once again . . . not to mention what we at chez Vernon used to call a driveway and now refer to affectionately as the north face of the Eiger. But help is at hand. The town of Niederzimmern near Leipzig in Germany is selling its myriad potholes for the equivalent of $A75 to private buyers . . . for that they will fix the pothole and put a message with your name on top. Maybe King Les could try the same with our roads . . . he might be able to wipe out the entire debt if he worked hard enough at it. And maybe we could do the same with our driveway, although it would need more than $75 to fix it . . . maybe it could be 'The (sponsor's name) Memorial Driveway'. But considering the lack of passing traffic it wouldn't do anyone much good.